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A brief back-story

Until August 2021 I was a typical working mum, juggling far too many balls, committed to my kids sporting endeavours, paying bills, keeping food on the table, and being fairly fit and healthy. I was training to become a Health Coach, was working as a Brand and Marketing Manager.

But something was decidedly OFF. I picked it up when I went on my health journey in 2017. I saw that the Govt had unhealthy guidelines for nutrition. It made people sicker, and more reliant on the health system (sickness system I now call it). In 2019 I started to look at 5G. But no one I knew wanted to talk about it.

Along comes 2020 with lockdowns and ‘pandemic’ frenzy. Something was definitely not right. However I enjoyed the breather that 6 weeks of lockdown gave me from the frantic life I was leading. I didn’t want it to ‘return to normal’. And it didn’t, but the turn it took was painful and life-altering.

The mother of all rabbit holes

In 2021 I went through some big life events, and for the first time started writing for something other than for my job. It was a cathartic creative outlet. I was writing a blog about a personal topic, and then in August 2021 I fell headlong into an entirely different path, of researching, finding myself a lone voice in a mass of people walking in the opposite direction to me.

The event which pivoted my entire life, all my relationships, and my view of the world was when our govt announced that 12-15 year old children could take an experimental drug with no parental consent. Paradigm altering, alright. It made no sense at all. So I went hunting for reasons why. Penny fell down the rabbit hole, big time as many parents did.

Life after my ‘career’ life

In October 2021 I felt strongly to leave my career… which mean the safety of financial stability and also compliance to a world that no longer made sense. What a wild ride it’s been! Mostly along the path I have become an avid learner and researcher - of the control grid, of human psyche, big pharma, law, financial control and more.

Finding my voice

I had been writing and speaking a fair amount since late 2021, and it all started to make sense when I started my foray into journalism in April 2023. I felt it was time to project my voice - rather unwillingly - as I never wanted to have my face out there, but I was prodded by some friends (thanks, you know who you are!).

I have contributed content on a number of platforms, and now I’ve taken another step into creating my own space, sharing content my way.

I am a member of United Free Press, NZ Rising, the Free Speech Union, and Freedom Train International, and I was recently honoured to be added to Canada’s Freedom Rising Directory of Allies.

Let Kids Be Kids

In May 2023 I spoke at a school BOT meeting about two topics of concern, and since then have been committed to helping parents and families. As a result I formed Let Kids Be Kids, in response to the need out there to connect, share stories, and find solutions for families. (Let Kids Be Kids is on Substack too, please join us there).

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It’s all about connection

One of the best parts of this crazy journey we’re all on, is the soul family we meet along the way. I love traveling around and connecting with others, sharing your stories. If we are all wanting to live better, live freer and more fully… we need to start living that way now. Shine on, beautiful people.

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