So sad and unfortunate. The whole world must wake up now and realize there has been a spell cast upon them and that life will only change when remember the Truth of who and what we are as the Creators of our world, by our thoughts. We have all been propagandized, lied to and poisoned since the 1800s by Eugenicist Rockefeller's Pharma... It's all the same poisons they tested on prisoners and soldier in WWI and WWII! Reconnect with the Creator and the Earth to restore your pristine state. "Only those who consciously acknowledge God as the Source and Essence of their Being as LOVE will survive the Apocalypse." Forgive and Love yourself, so you may learn to forgive and love others.

The Secret Covenant and Pharma - https://open.substack.com/pub/sterry448/p/the-secret-covenant-and-pharmacology?r=pvup8&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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I agree... I feel to share real people's stories to help people see that it's important to acknowledge our situation, and know that they are not alone. Awakening happens incrementally as people allow their preconceptions to be challenged. We hold space for them as this occurs...

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