Pendulum by Penny Marie
A Global Situation, A Local Response

A Global Situation, A Local Response

Penny speaks on Greek radio with Loukas Ntourtourekas

In June 2023 I was invited onto a livestream with Loukas, a podcaster in Greece. He had seen my speech to my son's school Board of Trustees, and asked to chat about the similarities between what is happening here in New Zealand and in Greece, Europe and globally.

It ends when we end it. This is a call to the people. We need to be brave now and find our voices. - Penny Marie

I thought the conversation would be centred on the sexualisation and gender ideology hitting our children, however Loukas backtracked to the start of the covid pandemic in March 2020. The conversation that followed was a free-flow, heart-centred, unexpected discussion.


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Who am I?

I'm not a scientist, I'm not a politician, I'm not a psychologist.

I'm a kiwi mum, a woman who cares deeply for my country and it's people, for my family and friends. I've spent the last two years researching, connecting, feeling my way through everything I see and feel happening around me. I'm so humbled to have had this important conversation, to bring some threads together, with someone else who cares as much as I do, on the other side of the world. I hope you enjoy it - please share it around.

Wear your brave message - designed by Penny Marie

Free speech is disappearing

Loukas posted this recording on his YouTube channel and it was censored/removed. This is happening on many social media platforms. I urge you to focus your support on channels who do not censor. We must protect our freedom of speech. Find me on Twitter, Telegram, Rumble and Spotify.

Think global, act local

This is a conversation about the patterns we are seeing worldwide - we need to be having these conversations. However the global scale is overwhelming and leaves us thinking 'what can I possibly do?'. I believe most of us are to act local.

What can you do, in your corner of the world? Among your peers and sphere of influence? Speaking at a BOT meeting was me in my corner, doing one brave thing. And it's reached tens of thousands of people. Which is now helping many to find their brave. The butterfly effect is real. Your actions DO change the world, incrementally, yet significantly.

Penny's 2023 BOT speech video
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In Hungary in 1919 - sexualising children in school

Loukas talks of sexuality education being introduced into primary schools in Hungary in 1919. The long term goal of this was to dismantle the family structure. At the time, this approach failed, perhaps because the family unit was strong. This, however is how the 'woke' generation was created. Sadly now, 100 years later, the family unit is weak. Which allows the state to think it has the solutions for our children, our families, our very lives. Is this what we want? It's a question we must all now ask ourselves. And if it's NOT what we want... we must get smart and brave. Together.

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