Pendulum by Penny Marie
Crisis of Conscience: A Mum’s Vaccine Decisions & Regret

Crisis of Conscience: A Mum’s Vaccine Decisions & Regret

It’s a time for brave conversations.

I chat to a mum about her journey as a conscious parent. She and her husband have carefully chosen the way they raise their sons.

And how, even when they have mostly gone against the crowd, they bowed to self-doubt and external pressures, and all received a COVID injection.

This is a raw, heartfelt story of instinct and intuition vs rules and social expectations. And the hard lessons learnt on all sides.

I hope this brings healing in your family. Whether you live with regret or decided to cancel out friends and family who didn't take an injection in 2021... it's time for healing.

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  • 1:00 - Conscious parenting choices vs doing what we’re told

  • 4:30 - A pivotal moment - starting with a bag of chips

  • 7:25 - A parent’s burden - not wanting to get things wrong

  • 9:30 - Society’s narrative vs doing research

  • 11:18 - 2020 and the global scare

  • 16:15 - The descending cloud of vaccine expectations

  • 21:00 - Shaming of the vaccine hesitant

  • 24:00 - The big decision to vaccinate or not

  • 26:45 - The aftermath, the diagnosis, and CARM reporting

  • 31:00 - Anger, judgement and a parent’s burden

  • 35:25 - Workplace rules and masking up

  • 38:00 - Christmas 2021

  • 39:07 - Helping the kids so they learn from our mistakes

  • 43:07 - Listening to your inner guidance, intuition, discernment

  • 46:50 - Standing alone in a crowd

  • 48:10 - What are the lessons?

  • 50:35 - A call for healing, forgiveness and grace

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Pendulum by Penny Marie
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