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Surviving Long COVID: MoneyPenny's Story

Surviving Long COVID: MoneyPenny's Story

MoneyPenny in England chats with me about her life-altering experience with Long Covid

Englishwoman MoneyPenny, chats with me about her life-altering experience with Long Covid. Penny used to be a BBC journalist, and is now using her skills to help raise awareness about what ‘Long Covid’ actually is. It’s not what the media would have you believe. 

Her story starts at Gatwick airport in December 2019, where she stayed at an airport hotel along with guests who had flown in from Wuhan, China.

Days later, while holidaying in Santa Lucia, Penny became unwell with a raft of symptoms, starting with loss of taste. Her health rapidly declined with multiple conditions on her holiday. A nurse who visited her in her hotel said she had simultaneous infections in her liver, kidney and chest.

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A snippet of our interview, with photos of MoneyPenny’s conditions

(PS: Penny edited this video, and used some fun filters… my eyes don’t actually look like this!!)

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Penny made it home to England, and her doctor wouldn’t see her for 14 days because he thought she had swine flu. Penny’s overwhelming health conditions were disregarded by medical professionals, even though they found multiple issues in her blood, and obvious physical conditions. 

As Penny couldn’t find any help she did her own research to work out what was happening to her, and how to help herself. She explains her findings in depth, of this engineered pathogen, that was designed to ‘smash’ the human immune system. 

We discuss her very real symptoms versus what media likes to call ‘long covid’ and their narrative to continue to ‘nudge’ people to regular covid injections.

Long Covid, Covid Injection Injury, and Immune Response

Penny compares:

Penny has lost everything that her life once was, and now spends her time supporting people who reach out to her, and raising awareness of people who also suffer from same condition, and are not being assisted by the medical profession. 

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